11 February, 2019 NmtSchool


Assemblies Spring Term 2019

NURSERY Wednesday 13th March 9.30am
RECEPTION Thursday 14th March 9.30 am
YEAR 4A Wednesday 3rd April 9.30am
YEAR 4B Tuesday 2nd April 9.30am
YEAR 4C Thursday 4th April 9.30am
YEAR 5A Thursday 21st March 9.30am
YEAR 5B Monday 1st April 9.30am
YEAR 6A Thursday 7th March 9.30am
YEAR 6B Tuesday 12th March 9.30am
YEAR 6C Friday 15th March 9.30am

             (All the above assemblies will take place in the school dining room)


This term, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 have their show on Friday 29th March at 6.00pm. This day Year 1, 2 and 3 will leave school at 1.30pm as they have to be at the theatre in Colegio Menesianos by 5.30pm with their outfits on. The school will provide their outfits for this show.

(Address: Colegio Menesianos- Avda. De Brasilia, 11)


13 March, 2018 NmtSchool0

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABBS), a competition took place in which all school members could compete writing about the ideal school of the future.

Numont School entered the competition and won the finalist prize for Key Stage 2 which consisted of a one page essay on your ideal school.

Congratulations to our winner in Year 5C for winning the prize!!! We are very proud of our pupil! Well done!!



26 January, 2018 NmtSchool

Queridos colaboradores de “La Barca que Educa”.

Hemos conseguido cerrar el proyecto de la Barca!!!!!! Muchísimas gracias por vuestra ayuda.

No sólo conseguimos los 7000 Euros necesarios para la construcción, mantenimiento de la piragua a motor, sino que pudimos comprar unas redes para los pescadores del poblado. Cuando los fines de semana,  la barca no esté ocupada llevando los niños al colegio, se utilizará para pescar para el poblado. Estamos encantados.

La construcción ya comenzó y el próximo viernes nos vamos a Senegal, os mandaremos fotos a la vuelta.

Este año nos volvemos a marchar con otro proyecto maravilloso cerrado, y ha sido gracias a Numont.

Muchísimas gracias

Un beso enorme a todos.

Elena Bonilla


28 November, 2017 NmtSchool

A big thanks to everyone who took part in making and buying cakes in our Summer Bake Sale. We have been able to purchase lots of new books to add to our school library from the proceeds. Children will be able to take these books out very soon!

We would like to give a big thank you to all our volunteer library parents who work very hard to make our library such a success.

Here is a photo of our new books!