Numont School´s curriculum is wide-ranging, with special emphasis on English, Maths and Science. History and Geography are adapted to the needs of an international student body such as ours. We follow the National Curriculum in all subjects.


While playing games our children get started and become familiar with the letters. They discover the magic behind those drawings, the stories and adventures that come to life when reading the books. Far from being a boring activity, at Numont School we make it fun: everybody in the classroom participates in one way or another when reading tales.

At the end, what we aim in Literacy is showing the joy and fascination that the ability of reading and writing can give to everyone.


Counting can be as much fun as reading and writing. During Numeracy classes we make the children understand how to recognize and express quantities: number of classmates, of toys, of books or songs. In a fun and age-related way our experienced teachers show the logic and rhythm behind the 1-2-3, helping the children realize by themselves the usefulness of this new language.

Music, games, fun and a warm atmosphere introduce the youngest to the basics of that unlimited knowledge named Maths.


One of the most important ways to express and communicate is Art. In many forms, with diverse techniques, structured or completely free.

We show them how to use the different materials and tools, and some drawing basics: the rest is up to the newborn artist. The way each child perceives and translates their reality into cardboard, paper or 3D volumes… this is Art. Colourful and always fun and educational.

Physical Education

In Numont we teach a range of sports and activities from Nursery to Year 6 as prescribed in the British Curriculum.

In Early Years the children are taught basic skills with small apparatus such as balls, hoops, vehicles, tunnels, playhouses, skipping ropes, mats, benches, parachutes etc. Simple co-operative games are played.

In KS1 the curriculum is taught in six week units of work including Gymnastics, Athletics, Dance, Playground Games, Ball skills, Small apparatus skills. KS1 Inclusive Sports Day is held in May at a local Sport Centre…parental participation is encouraged!

In KS2 Six week units of work are followed with one lesson taught on the school premises and one lesson per week at a local Sports Centre. From Year 4 upwards children may be chosen to represent their school in inter-school competitions in: Football, Tag Rugby, X Country, Basketball and Athletics.

Our aim in P.E in Numont is to teach the children skills, determination and confidence.  To enable them to go on to Secondary Schools and participate in competitive and non-competitive sports successfully at an age related level.


Music is an important activity at Numont. Nursery, Reception and Year 1 have a daily music lesson which includes singing, rhythm, movement and percussion. The older children learn to read notes as well as write and perform rhythmic patterns growth.

Our children start enjoying music, now beginning to appreciate and tell the different styles and sounds -and deciding their favourite ones.

Key Stage 1 do a theatrical play in the spring term and Key Stage 2 do a play or pantomime in the autumn term. These plays take place in a local theatre. Every class, from Nursery to Year 6 has an assembly in the school hall every term, when parents are invited to come and watch.


Spanish is taught from Year 1 by a native teacher.  Those children who are new to Spain are given parallel classes at a beginner’s level.By Year 6, pupils are expected to converse fluently and read and write proficiently in Spanish.

French is also taught from Years 1 to 6 by a native teacher following the French National Curriculum Guidelines.


Always within strict safety parameters and age considerations, Numont School organises trips to museums like the Costume, Natural History or Reina Sofía Museums. There are also some other exciting trips to Faunia, the Zoo, Manzanares el Real Castle or Multi Adventure.

All external activities are carefully planned and keeping in mind to make the most from an educational point of view.

Geography & History

Few subjects are more fascinating than those related to the Ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome. How the different cultures that have existed in the past History were born, and what left behind for us to enjoy it. The pyramids, the impressive buildings still existing from the Roman Empire, the discovery of America or the early moments of the Humans are sources of excitement for our children.

What things happened, where they took place, and how they influence in our XXI century as one of our most valued legacies.ía-colegio-ingles-madrid.jpg

Design & Technology

Children are introduced to Computing from the age of four. Pupils have access to numerous computer programmes that supplement their learning.

How Technology helps in creating and making art creations is one of our most popular activities, as children love to see the way their imagination becomes art. And quite often we see, in senior classes, how the young members of the family teach their parents how to use some technical devices.