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british primary school in madrid -the Numont SchoolWHAT WE ARE AND BELIEVE

We are a small family school located in a quiet, residential area of Madrid. Numont is a co-educational primary school for children between the ages of two and fourteen– Nursery to Year 9. Our students come from both Spanish and International backgrounds and we pride ourselves on the the enormous variety of nationalities represented in the school.  The National Curriculum forms the basis of our syllabus from Years 1 to 9.

The aim of the school is to provide a warm, happy and challenging atmosphere where children can derive pleasure from learning and achieving their personal goals. The emphasis is on the individual, so that all of the children, regardless of strengths and weaknesses, colour, creed or sex, feel valued and able to reach their full potential.

Numont has an excellent reputation for bringing out the best in boys and girls of varying levels of ability and ensures that each child is able to receive the individual attention he or she needs.  The emphasis is on building confidence and self-esteem through a healthy, positive attitude towards learning.

Foundation Stage

Welcome to the Foundation Stage at Numont School, (Nursery and Reception).

In the Nursery and Reception classes our children are introduced to a stimulating school life where enjoyment is the main ingredient in a programme that initially teaches through play. The school day offers children a range of practical and creative activities and develops oral, literacy and numeracy skills as well as placing emphasis on independence and social interaction.

Children are engaged in whole class, small group and individual activities, which are tailored to their learning needs. Activities are planned around topic themes and we incorporate cultural activities and festivals which are of significance to our families.

One of our main aims for the children in Foundation Stage is to create a positive and safe environment where they can enjoy learning through play.  We encourage curiosity and imagination inside and outside the classroom.


Welcome to Primary Education at Numont, (Years 1 to 6).

The curriculum at Numont has been devised within the framework laid down by the 1988 Education Reform Act, but adapted to the needs of, and ministerial requirements for, an international British school in Spain. The aims of the curriculum are:

  • to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our pupils
  • to prepare our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences for life in a rapidly changing technological, multicultural and global society.

The following subjects are the key subjects taught in primary: English; Mathematics; Science; Art & Design; Music; History; Geography, Computing; Physical Education; Personal and Social Health Education; Spanish (as a first language) and French (as a second language).

colegio britanico madrid coordinadora key stage 2


Welcome to our Secondary school which covers from Year 7 to Year 9 (11-14 years old).

The national curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens. It introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said; and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

The national curriculum provides an outline of core knowledge around which teachers can develop exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills as part of the wider school curriculum.