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13 October, 2017 NmtSchool

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the children and families, (both returning and new) at Numont School. We wish you all a great year. We have just celebrated our 55th anniversary and will continue to work hard to make sure that our school thrives and is the happy, successful and popular place of learning that it has always been.

I also extend a warm welcome to anyone who has stumbled upon this site.

We are very proud of our new web page, which includes many new sections and articles. Please spend time looking at it as it gives a wider and more comprehensive picture of what we offer here at Numont.

Learning is our core purpose and we strive to make learning within a safe school environment where everybody is helpful, considerate and respectful of each other. We believe children learn better when they are excited and engaged and what excites and engages children the most to learn is excellent teaching, which challenges them and promotes independence in learning.

At Numont we embrace new ideas and technology but only implement them after careful consideration and only if it is in the best interests of the children. While it is vitally important for our children to be both literate and numerate, they need to be able to work confidently with changing technology. We have recently introduced the option to do homework on-line and are using some wonderful programmes from the UK. Since their implementation teachers have noticed a marked improvement in some aspects of the children academic abilities and despite a few initial teething problems it is now fully operational and available to all children.

Public speaking and performing has always been very important at Numont.  The children take part in termly assemblies throughout the year from Nursery to Year 6. We also put on a play or pantomime twice a year which the children perform in a local theatre. In this way the children gain the ability to present themselves confidently and in an inspiring way. This year’s pantomime, “Panto Pandomonium”, for Years 4, 5, & 6 will take place on Friday 1st December.  The play for Years 1, 2, & 3 will take place on Thursday 22nd March.

Our strength here at Numont is our wealth of experience at the Primary School level. Our children when they leave us in Year 6 are our best marketing strategy. They leave Numont well prepared and confident; with an excellent work ethic and good manners. The schools they go on to give us positive feedback regarding both academic level and social skills.

As all our families and children know we have an approachable and flexible attitude and always encourage and welcome feedback. I very much look forward to speaking with you all personally and once again wish you all a great school year.


Kind regards

Joan Gemmell (Head Teacher)





31 August, 2017 NmtSchool

A school is far more than just facilities and equipment. It is a place filled with human warmth that makes our kids feel safe, loved and inspired. Where there is a breathable joy that motivates hearts and minds to move ahead, to grow, to make friends. A place to build “confidence and self-esteem through a healthy, positive attitude towards learning”.

A website is more than a simple online leaflet. It is an informative place, with regular updates on the School´s activities. Where parents get enough information about our values, our beliefs, our way of understanding school life as a family that enhances the children´s personalities. Thus, this new website is conceived and designed to be the virtual platform that supports all these ideas.

Technically speaking, Numont School´s new website is visible on all devices (maybe not that much on a 1998 Nokia phone, but you get the idea) thanks to its native responsive design.

And the important part: it has been developed with participation in mind. An interactive forum to share knowledge, experiences and exciting stories.

As father of former Numont School´s students I´m proud of having had the chance to participate in this project. My thanks to Sarah Swanson for her trust, and Joanna for the coordination of the material included in this new website.

Enjoy it. Best personal regards,

Alberto Losada Gamst

17 October, 2016 NmtSchool0

Bal Rashmi Society and Numont School of MadridWe wish to share that we have received the Donation of 1271 Euros (INR : 93927/-) for Vikas Middle School, Khedi and can’t thank you enough for this. Every word would fall short for your support which you so kindly extend to children of Vikas School. It is for supporters like yourself that we seem to gather courage and continue working for Education of under privileged children. We are thankful to you for your very kind support.

We shall soon send be sending you the Annual Report of Vikas School along with the Audited Report, the New Educational Session has just started on 1st July, 2016. Please find attached herewith the Bank Advice and Formal Receipt for Donation of 1271 Euros, the Receipt number being 3096, Dated : 01 June, 2016. I once again thank you on behalf of the Executive Committee of Bal Rashmi, Children, Staff of Vikas School and of my shown.

We apologize for the delay in sending this receipt, for our accountant who handles the school accounts was ill and has been on leave off and on, due to illness, although he will need little longer treatment but he is now feeling much better. We thank you for your patience, support and concern for the children.

With warm wishes,
Bal Rashmi Society
Near Aravali Public School
Sector 5, Jawahar Nagar
Tel: +91-(0)141-2651523