The persons behind

Numont School Staff

Staff at Numont are all British trained graduates who have the requisite qualifications for teaching. Our teachers have experience in British schools in Spain and the U.K. as well as countries all over the world. Numont´s teaching assistants are all British graduates. “Behind a great project you will always find great people”.

Staff List


Financial Director                                 Sarah Anne Swanson


Head Teacher                                        Mrs. Gemmell


Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator       Mrs Pammy
Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator                                                      Ms Smith

SEND Co-ordinator                                                                  Mrs Bazakis


Nursery 1                                                 Mrs. Majella
Reception A                                             Ms. Katie


Year 1A                                                    Ms. Franchesca
Year 1B                                                    Ms. Cindy
Year 2A                                                    Mrs. Laura
Year 2B                                                    Mrs. Pammy
Year 3A                                                    Mrs. Jessica
Year 3B                                                    Mr Doherty
Year 3C                                                    Ms. Smith
Year 4A                                                    Mr Hooley
Year 4B                                                    Ms. Stuart
Year 5A                                                    Mr Pendlebury
Year 5B                                                    Mrs. Olympia
Year 5C                                                    Mr Hickey
Year 6A                                                    Mrs. Kennedy
Year 6B                                                    Mr. McLeod
Year 6C                                                    Ms. McMahon


Physical Education and SEND                 Mrs. Bazakis
Music                                                        Ms. Davies
Spanish                                                     Ms. Julia
Computing and Spanish                           Mrs. Cristina
French                                                      Ms. Evy


Mrs. Vinita, Ms. Jess, Mr. Fisher, Mrs. Bethan, Mr Curran and Mr Burr


Mrs Alexiou and Mrs Woollard

Housekeeper/Pupil Supervision                Ms. Marian
Playground Assistant                                Mrs. Lulu

colegio británico en Madrid - Numont SchoolMOTTO

The motto of Numont School is “I am, I can, I ought, I will”. Mrs Swanson chose this motto for Numont more than 55 years ago and it remains as relevant today, if not more so, as our guiding principle in our aspirations for the children in our school.

  • “I am” refers to students´ knowledge and understanding of themselves.
  • “I ought” means that our students have a moral obligation to work to the best of their ability.
  • “I can” means that our students are aware that they have or can develop the ability to do what they are supposed to do.
  • “I will” refers to the resolve and resilience to overcome obstacles to achieve their objectives.