Numont School provides pupils and parents with a wide set of services. Below you can find the details and if in doubt please get in touch with us for clarification.
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Hot lunches are provided by a catering company each day. School meals are compulsory.
Special menus can be arranged for religious or health reasons.
On excursion days, book fairs etc. it may be necessary to serve packed lunches.


The school bus routes operate both mornings and afternoons. The routes cover a large geographical area of Madrid. Both one-way and two-way journeys are available and the routes vary slightly year to year depending on demand. For more information about particular routes, pick-up and drop-off times and prices, please contact Pears S.L (tel:914137014) directly.

Personal accident/emergency insurance is required for all pupils and is arranged through the school, payable once a year.

The registration procedure is as follows:

  1. Contact the school via phone (913002431) or email (
  2. Request a personal visit. This consists of an interview and a tour of the school
  3. Fill in an Application Form. (download form here)

If after the interview, you are interested in signing your child up in our school and there are places available, you will be asked to fill in a Registration Form and make a registration fee payment of 1200 Euros to secure the place for your child.

In Numont we strive to give every child the opportunity to reach their optimum level in all areas of their education both academic and emotional. We follow the Graduated Response Approach as specified in the new SEND Code of Practice (DfE/DH2015)

If any concerns or problems are raised, either by the class teacher or parent the SENCO, (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator), Mrs Bazakis, will organise meetings with the child/parents/teachers and any specialists involved to ensure an unified approach.

Just After School

Extra Curricular Activities

Numont recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities can make towards the children’s personal and social education. These activities provide pupils with experiences beyond the normal scope of the National Curriculum. Numont offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities.


Please indicate on this downloadable form the activities in which your child/ren would like to participate during the current term and return it as soon as possible by writing your child/ren’s name in the end column next to the activity/activities that they wish to enrol in.

Children MAY NOT change activities during the term. Please let us know by the end of each term if a child is not going to continue with an activity. All classes (with the exception of swimming and tennis) are held on school premises. Classes are from 3.50pm – 4.50pm except for piano, private French, English and Spanish which can be half an hour or an hour duration, and extend until 5.20pm.

COSTS:  group classes is 135€ per term; private classes (& piano) is 175€ per term for ½ an hour a week. For one hour a week, the cost is 345€ per term. The cost of swimming is 210€ per term and tennis is 165€ per term

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Ballet is taught by Miss Beatrice Motilla (RTS) Registered Teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance. Children can be prepared for RAD exams.

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Music & Movement

This class is aimed at developing an interest in music from an early age through a stimulating musical environment. Songs, actions, musical games, and “music and movement” activities are designed to stretch and improve the children´s musical ability and build confidence in their use of language skills, body co-ordination, social development and awareness.

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Robotics Club

This technology course utilises cutting edge educational robots to enable children to have more fun while improving their fine motor skills, group working skills, problem-solving abilities and logical thinking. We achieve this using Makeblock, Sphero, Kodable, Cubetto among other technology as well as board games and apps.  Robotics will be divided in to 2 groups depending on age and experience

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Chess Club

Chess is a game which imparts an incredible array of benefits to those who play it. It complements the learning process and develops focus, imagination and logic. Our primary objective is to teach our students to love and enjoy the game, so that they can benefit from the depth learning that the game has to offer for life. The children will learn new strategies and compete with each other.

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Homework Club

Homework Club is for children to work on their homework, reading, and other projects in a familiar setting. Ms. Gray & Mrs Pammy will work with the children individually or in small groups and help them understand and complete their homework. Tablets and the interactive white boards will be used when appropriate.

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Multisport and games Club

Children will take part in a number of different activities. They will include throwing and catching games, team games, and striking and fielding games. We will also do some athletics – running, jumping and throwing as well as some relay races. The main aim is for children to have a good time and that they enjoy taking part while still learning some basic skills used in sports.

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The children will be taught techniques and skills and play mini games and tournaments during the class.

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Phonics & Reading

The children will review all the letters and sounds that are covered in class with fun interactive games and songs.
We will also practise speaking and listening skills that are fundamental for reading, especially for the younger children. The older children will have the opportunity to develop their reading ability using a wide variety of different texts including fiction and non-fiction books.

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Learn, improve and practise basketball skills. Enjoy competition and challenge. Make friends and play with children from all years in KS2.

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The classes will take place at Natación Jiménez in Parque Conde de Orgaz. The children will be taken to the swimming pool by bus, supervised and monitored by school teachers. Parents must pick up their children by 5.00pm at the latest directly from the swimming pool. The children will be taught by the teachers at the club, but our teachers will be there to help them dress/undress and will wait until all children are collected.

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Tennis Club

This will take place at the Tennis Club “Club Deportivo Elemental Topsport”, Avenida de Madroños. The children will be assessed and put in groups of minimum 3 maximum 8 according to ability. The children will be taken down by bus to the club,(opposite the Liceo Frances), accompanied by a member of staff.

Children who do not have gym that day need to bring some gym clothes and trainers to change in to. Parents must pick their child up at 5.00pm from the club.

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Private Lessons

Private, (one-to-one), classes in English, Spanish, French and Piano are available from Monday to Thursday. Individual classes can also be provided in other subjects depending on the availability of appropriate teachers.