11 February, 2019 by NmtSchool


Assemblies Spring Term 2019

NURSERY Wednesday 13th March 9.30am
RECEPTION Thursday 14th March 9.30 am
YEAR 4A Wednesday 3rd April 9.30am
YEAR 4B Tuesday 2nd April 9.30am
YEAR 4C Thursday 4th April 9.30am
YEAR 5A Thursday 21st March 9.30am
YEAR 5B Monday 1st April 9.30am
YEAR 6A Thursday 7th March 9.30am
YEAR 6B Tuesday 12th March 9.30am
YEAR 6C Friday 15th March 9.30am

             (All the above assemblies will take place in the school dining room)


This term, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 have their show on Friday 29th March at 6.00pm. This day Year 1, 2 and 3 will leave school at 1.30pm as they have to be at the theatre in Colegio Menesianos by 5.30pm with their outfits on. The school will provide their outfits for this show.

(Address: Colegio Menesianos- Avda. De Brasilia, 11)