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6 October, 2021 by NmtSchool0

When we decided to move to Madrid, my husband and I went to visit different schools in order to find the best one for our two boys, who, at that time, were 4 and 7 years old. The oldest one knew some words and a few phrases in English, but the youngest didn’t speak any English at all. After visiting Numont we both knew, that we had found the right school for our kids – and that turned out to be the best decision we made regarding our stay in Madrid! For four years Numont was an important part of our lives. First of all it’s like being part of a big family, where you feel perfectly safe to leave your children. Second of all they have a very high academic level, and teachers are truly devoted. My boys came with no English at all and left completely fluent. The teachers encourage the children to do their best, and they really see every child as an individual. Apart from normal class room teaching they are really good at mixing it with creative ways of learning. For instance the various theatre shows they do every semester.

The school may be small but they succeed in using every inch of the class room and the patio in a very inspiring way. It’s possible for the parents to take part in the school life by for example joining the library or arranging the various bake sales, that takes place several times a year.

We were heart broken when we had to leave, and today, two years after, my boys are still begging me from time to time to go back to Numont!

Kit BD, two boys from 2015 – 2019.

September 2021

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