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My children’s second home

Numont was above all, my children’s second home where they always felt secure, loved and immensely happy. I have 5 children and all of them have wonderful memories of the school. They keep in contact with some of their classmates and go to visit the school and their teachers when they can. They all agree that the school gave them the best possible start they could have had in their academic lives. They did not have an easy childhood due to adverse family circumstances but the school was always there to provide not only them but also myself with all the support we needed.

Thanks Numont! You have been a milestone in our lives!


Family atmosphere

My two kids just loved their stay at Numont. Native English-speaking teachers, fun activities and lots of friends from many other countries. Their teachers were always extremely supportive and proved to be experts dealing with kids of this age. Both of them remember Numont´s years with a sparkle in their eyes. Maybe they are thinking “the good old times”…


Alberto Losada Gamst

Extremely pleased

Frankly, we have been extremely pleased with NUMONT. My daughter H. has made spectacular improvements with all of you. In particular, I have felt that you are very flexible taking into account that it has not been easy for our daughter at the beginning because it was her first year. Your school is very welcoming and I have always felt that my daughter is happy to learn new things every day and to be in contact with her teachers and friends. Your methodology is very positive and constructive, and I measure carefully my words. Your personnel are very friendly.

We have been so pleased that if by chance the circumstances change and we decide to come back to Madrid in the future, at this time we would be very grateful if you admit her again in your establishment.

Thank you very much and we wish you all our best wishes.


Happy and fun time

I remember my time at Numont School as being really happy and fun! The family feel of the school, and the teachers make you feel like you’re part of a community, 20 years after leaving I’m still in touch with fellow classmates! But I mostly remember the day to day; starting class, our weekly projects, the assemblies, school plays, trips to museums, playing at break time…

My time at Numont taught me to love learning, to always question things, and to never be afraid of speaking out. It was truly the best Primary experience I could have wished for.


Exceptional school

Our daughter Catalina started studying at Numont in year 4.

The number of students per class is lower than in many schools and that favors the relationship and the follow-up   of teachers.  In class, they have classmates from many nationalities , cultures and religions, and that enriches their students’ ability to understand and enjoy diversity.  

Being a small school, makes it easy to access the stuff of the school, always willing to help their students.  Most of the teachers are veterans at home, they are happy with the school, and they transmit that to their students. 

In Numont they aim for their students to learn the best habits, to bring out the best in themselves.  

 It is an exceptional school, and in the case of our daughter, it is being an extraordinary influence.

We only have words of thanks  to  Numont.

Ignacio Olcina

The best choice

Each year that our children spend at school, we are more convinced that we could not have made a better choice.

It is the best school because they have the best teachers who know how to adapt the teaching to each child, because both the teachers and all the staff are available to all parents, including the head teacher, who is always willing to listen and help.

Above all because they know how to solve problems, when you have a child and everything is going well, they know how to get the most out of the child’s potential. And the most difficult thing, when you have a problem, they not only solve it, they give you the best solution and get you to overcome it and get the best out of the child.

There the children live happily, learn, enjoy themselves and make great friends.

Montse G.

One society

I spent the best years of my life at Numont thanks to the staff, the people, the students and the daily lessons about life in this school. I was from the generation of 2004 and there age didn’t matter, nothing mattered, the only thing you did was learn in the best way which is with your friends and this English school society is a minority and that’s what makes it so special.

This school opened my eyes and now I have a native level of English and now I have learnt not to be ashamed and to make friends with everyone, in my new school everyone knows me. Numont, thank you for making me a useful person.

The school gave me confidence to aim high

In 1984, I moved to Spain at the age of 8 and I was way behind my classmates. This school helped me pull myself up and they gave me the confidence to aim high. Now I am an engineer and a mother who truly appreciates Numont.
Nouf Alsabbagh

More than a School

Numont has been much more than a school for me. After being linked to Numont for over 30 years, I don´t think I could imagine my life without it. I learnt how to read, to reason, make friends and above all, build my passion: teaching, inspired by excellent teachers who cared for each child as an individual.

Over the years, I have heard how many parents highlighted the fact that they felt their children were in a lovely, familiar setting, and that is exactly what Numont is…a marvellous, big family.