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Numont School’s aim is to provide a learning environment, where all pupils are happy, confident, secure and where each child acquires knowledge, skills and understanding, to the very best of his/her ability, in an atmosphere which fosters concern for others and a sense of self- worth. We want our children to maximize the academic, social, artistic and sports achievements of every student in our school.

colegio inglés británico en madrid - metas y objetivos


To provide a broad and balanced curriculum in accordance with the English National Curriculum Guidelines

  •  by planning programmes of work which encourage continuity, progression and success in children’s learning
  • by timetabling effectively to give appropriate time and emphasis to each area of the curriculum.


To ensure the highest level of attainment across the curriculum for each child
  • by having regular, consistent and effective assessment of attainment and appropriate Learning Support input
  • by encouraging personal responsibility for learning, independent thinking and active involvement in learning.


To maintain a high standard of teaching, promoting effective learning, which enables children to enjoy their education and to develop positive attitudes towards learning
  • by using a variety of teaching methods to encourage children to learn in different ways
  • by using suitable and appropriate resources , including homework
  • by having well-presented and regularly-changed displays of children’s work, which help to create a stimulating environment.


To provide effective support systems for all children which promote personal and social development and underpin academic achievement.
  • by monitoring progress to enable the early identification of individual needs
  • by having effective liaison with external agencies.


To provide a welcoming, safe, caring and happy environment for all, which actively develops self- esteem and respect for religious, cultural and social diversity.
  • by having high expectations of positive behaviour, regular attendance and co-operation with our policy on school uniform
  • by working co-operatively with home
  • by promoting partnership with parents and establishing good links with the wider community.


To improve the quality of learning and teaching through the effective organisation and management of the school’s resources.
  • by having effective management of finance, including consultation with staff, to ensure that there are sufficient and appropriate resources available in school
  • by having effective procedures in place to ensure that resources are easily accessible and well managed.


To provide high quality leadership, management and support.
  • by developing the skills and professionalism of staff using the expertise of the team as well as a structured programme of continuous professional development
  • by involving staff, children, parents and community in the school development planning process.