Since 1962

History of Numont School

A Brief History of Our School

Numont School was founded in 1962 by Margaret Ann Swanson. Numont School is a small inner city school situated in a quiet north western part of Madrid. The original building was in C/Jarama   but the school moved premises in 1971 to the current location of C/Parma 16 Madrid 28043.

Numont School is a British Primary School that until 1997 only accepted non-Spanish children. It was originally set up as a school in which ex-patriots from all nationalities could provide their children with a British education without having to resort to sending them away to boarding school. In 1997 the school applied to the Spanish Ministry of Education for a licence which enabled admittance of Spanish students. The significant change due to the admittance of Spanish pupils was that the school was obliged to include a required amount of hours per week of particular Spanish subjects from the Spanish Ministry of Education in the curriculum. Numont School has always had a high percentage of non-Spanish pupils but due to this change the mix of students is now predominantly Spanish with the percentage of Spanish students as a whole in the school ranging from 50% to 70% in the last 10 years.

Numont School is the oldest British Primary School in Madrid and continues to be an invaluable feeder school to many of the Secondary British schools in the capital. The number of children attending Numont School has increased gradually over the years and this has led to a program of expansion which includes two new buildings on main plot (housing 4 extra classrooms) and a separate building 100 metres away from main building which houses an additional 3 classrooms.

Class sizes vary from a minimum of 10 children to a maximum of 17 per class. This year our average is 13 children per class. All teachers are native English speakers with British teaching qualifications. In addition there are specialist teachers for Spanish, French, Music, P.E., Computing, and Special Needs. The school follows the British curriculum and teaching staff keep up to date with all educational developments taking place in the UK. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and tablets are available for individual and group work.  All reading, text and work books are bought from the UK.

Numont School has children from 42 countries, making it one of the most international schools in Spain. We believe that learning in a multi-cultural setting provides children with a rich and stimulating environment, leading to tolerance and understanding.

Class 1975 (Ms Swanson back row, second from the left) Present Co-Owner

Mrs Pammy (front row, third from the right)

Mrs Gemmell 1986 (top row, first from the left)

colegio británico en Madrid - Numont SchoolMOTTO

The motto of Numont School is “I am, I can, I ought, I will”. Mrs Swanson chose this motto for Numont more than 55 years ago and it remains as relevant today, if not more so, as our guiding principle in our aspirations for the children in our school.

  • “I am” refers to students´ knowledge and understanding of themselves.
  • “I ought” means that our students have a moral obligation to work to the best of their ability.
  • “I can” means that our students are aware that they have or can develop the ability to do what they are supposed to do.
  • “I will” refers to the resolve and resilience to overcome obstacles to achieve their objectives.